Monday, April 8, 2013


So I was scanning my stuff & found this cute crop top :) The print was not so girly but the cut is. Ha-ha. What am I saying. So what i did is, i pair it up with this high-waisted thingy' and guess I did a great job :)
Watch Old Navy
Accessories from Y.R.Y.S and F2M
So i am thinking of mixing all the things that are coming into my head BUT I wanted to look simple yet eye catching. I wanted to give a lil'swag into it so I decided to wear a Snap back from New Era. This was given by my love :) well as you all know, my bf loves to wear snappies :) and I'm not really sure but he does have a lot of it. Well aside from Snappies, he also loves to collect Jordan dunks :) 
To make it look more swaggy i decided to wear this Gray shoes from REVA. I bought it somewhere in Alabang, it comes in different colors too :) 
Heyya! Meet my bro' :) Who finally succeeded 5years in college. Now he is in training & will take his review. Good luck to our future Engineer! :)

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