Friday, April 19, 2013

Printing you out

Hello Loveys! I wanted to share this look that i wore the last time i went out. It was simple, comfy & eye catching. My printed top is actually a XL Shirt that came from Hawaii, i was planning to just gave it away but  i got mesmerized with the print. Well i really love prints & this one seems to jive with the weather. To make it more a lil'girly & sexy, i cut the sleeves and add a lil' details at the top :) And i think i did a great job, don't you think? 
I wanted it to look more cool & a bit edgy so i matched it with Jelly bracelets. I don't want it to look dark so i added a lil'lighter color-- watch from Old Navy.
I think its time to show off this cute lil'sling bag :) i was keeping this for a very long time. I really don't like it when my mom gave it to me, but as time goes by (laugh) im starting loving it :) Bag from Tommy Hilfiger.
For more cooler effect, i wore a shredded shorts. It that case it would not look boring. I also didn't wear any under garment tube to make it look sexy.
I wore a loafer that would perfectly fit the color & the theme that i really wanna achieve. 

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