Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sway With Me

Heyy guys! you know what-- one thing that i really love aside from
doing experiments with my clothes, looks, hair & all, i really
love photography! :D BUT the BIG problem is that i still don't have
my camera with me :( As you all know im only using iPAD for taking
almost all of my photos. Some were not but mostly are. That is why
i wanted to apologize & i wanted to promise you guys that im gonna make it up to
you soon :) 
Well, aside from taking pictures of beautiful sceneries & interesting
unique stuffs, i love taking my own pictures :) I wanted to 
document everything that is happening to me, all the unforgetable
experiences :) all the places i been to, foods i eat, people i meet,
stuffs i made & ofcourse my looks :) 
I have all the poses, background, effect, outfit in my head! :)
All i really need is a camera man, perfect camera & place! 
One of the  things that i love is the windy effect :) And one of 
the perfect outfit for that-- is a very pretty maxi dress :) cuz its
perfectly swaying with the me :) Its seem so natural because of the
windy effect! 
Say hello to one of my Sway with Me look :) i divided my photos cuz
its blurd :( but hope you can still appreciate it.
With this look, Iam wearing a pleated maxi skirt from Campus Casuals of California
i love this maxi because its so light & its effortly swaying :) 
My top is from Cotton On, i tuck it in & gave a lil loose at the back,
The colors were just fine, it dosen't need to be "terno" all the
time, sometimes we need to think how colors will contrast. I love
my top cuz its light, soft & loose plus its showing off some skin :)
Not a problem--its Summer anyway :) I added touch of black in my look,
My under garment is black, perfectly goes with my black Strappy,i
bought it in Greenhills way back:) And for my accessories, a black
ring with silver linings :) And ofcourse to add a lil'flavor i 
used a necklace that would jive with my maxi skirt.  Hope you like it.

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