Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Hey Guys! i wanted to apologize for the poor quality photos :( as you all know i was just using my ipad for capturing all my photos for you guys! And i just reformat my loppy, so all of my files were gone (sad). I wanted to edit my photos to "atleast" be presentable for you guys BUT i don't have any editing stuffs now. 
Well hopefully soon (Xfingers) im gonna get my own dslr for my blog :D (wish)

So  i wanted to share to you guys one of my Chic'Hip'En'Go thingy' :) You know when your in a hurry & you wanted too look presentable yet stylish-- Just go grab any scarf & play it with your imagination :) My clothes casual, was wearing a black corset & matched it with an elephant & a touch of gold wrapping around me. I didn't add any accessories except for the ring which goes with the color of my clothes. Well i look like a gypsy her (lol) BUT its the hippy way around. 

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