Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Hey loveys! April is about to end but it doesn't mean that Summer is over! take note, we still have another month to celebrate our Summer season. 
SUMMER! Ladies rushing to their favorite stores to buy Summer dresses. Mostly prefer light colors like pink, yellow & white.  But is it necessary? i mean we can wear darker color as well. Its on how we carry it, right? There are colors with darker hue but with great prints, like this one im wearing. Its a tube top, flowy & very light sun dress. The print has a touch of summer &  royalty. I really love the combination of Red & Brown.  
Brown Braid Belt
Peacock Earings
Beaded Bracelets (imade)
To make it more summerly' i added beads & brown strappy with colored beads that would really matched my outfit :) The twist is my Big Brown Bag that i really Love :) 

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