Friday, March 22, 2013

Its just soo Sweet!

This is one of my Summerly'look. I just wanted to look sweet so i decided to wear pink & beige. I bought this pink top from my mom's friend, She sells pretty stuffs. I matched my top with this high-waist shorts. I just love the color, it's so refreshing, sweet & girly, don't you think? So i feel like wearing heels that day & i decided to wear this peep-toe with shoe laced heels, i bought it from The Ramp Crossings. You know what i love about this store-- is that they offer different unique stuffs & I just love almost every piece that they have. My shorts & shoes does have the same hue, but the shoes were a bit darker. For the accessories, I used beads & cuffs and these lil'thingy' on my ear to just jive with my outfit. Does have the same color & its bright and lovely :) 

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