Friday, April 19, 2013

Vintage times Three

Im in love with Peplum just recently. You can almost wear it with anything. And im gonna show you some ways how to wear it. 
Well, dont you know that Peplum originates from the Greek word for Tunic.
Im loving my peplum top. The print gives an elegant feeling & i can just wear it with anything. With this look, i matched my top with a darker shade, this maxi dress have slit on the sides that will show off your legs. To make it look formal, i added a dashing orange stoned ring & a vintage gold watch with diamonds from Omega.

Tights with a lil'hole on the left side makes it look more edgy. Its more darker.I love wearing tights cuz it perfectly embraces your legs which shows the real shape of it, it also makes it look more longer. Brown really looks good on Pink, that is why i wore it with this dazzling Pink killer heels.

Wearing Peplum with cut offs give me such a rush (laugh). I wanted it to look more hippy & a touch of boho look. I was thinking to matched it with fringe boots BUT i guess this suede shoes jives with it as well. 

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