Thursday, April 18, 2013

Wrap Me Up!

Hi everyone! i want to apologize for the late uploads. So i wanted 
to share this look which i called "Wrap Me Up" :) Why? Well,
as you can see everyting is wrap around me "literally" (laugh). 
Well i have a secret to tell-- The plaid thing that im wearing
is actually an A-line maxi skirt. What i did is i pulled it up & 
turn it into a dress :) Another secret that i wanted to share to
you guys is that, this skirt is actually older than me :) Seriously!
im just not sure on the exact year but its already kickin'way back
before i was born.

So here is what i did- i cover it up with this denim top from Colours,
i just loose it up & to give shape i used this mocha belt from Bossini.
The reason why i just loose the denim top is to give a peplum effect
by wrapping my waist with this mocha belt.And i guess i did it, right?:)
I didn't add any accessories except for the scarf from 
Hongkong & a bronze ring with Red stone. 

Say hi to my full bangs :) Well i cut my bangs & style it myself,
Well its not just a full bangs, because i can just put it aside &
viola!ill have sided bangs OR if i dosen't feel to wear a bangs,
i could just do some sexy hair back or brush it up :)

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