Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Florals X Denim

Denim top- Colours
Sunnies- Pacific Blue
Heels-Rossana Pena
So i was scanning my stuff & found this Floral thingy' :) didn't have any idea that i was keeping this cute floral skirt :) So i decided to pair it with a denim top from Colours. I really love matching florals with denim, it gives me good vibes :) its so refreshing, stylish & on the go. So i wanted to add more colors that is why i matched it with a colorful neck piece which was given by my MOM, and candylets (that is how i call it) coz its colorful like candies :) plus a silver gray ring that matches my heels from Rossana Pena. And oh don't forget your sunnies coz its freakin'hot in the Philippines.And there you go. Hope you like it :)

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