Friday, March 15, 2013

Cosmo Bash 2011

Got our VIP tickets for Cosmo Bash 2011. Thanks to my very good friend Francis. 

 its COSMO BASH 2011
at the World Trade Center

Well this is the very first Cosmo Bash i ever went to. I was planning to wear a jumpsuit cuz i just bought one but i wanted to be more hippy so i decided to have this look instead. Because i wanted to look more hippy and a lil'like a bohemian i decided to wear a Head Wrap (which i really love), its a gift from my aunt when she went to HongKong. Okay so for the Bohemian drama i wear a Feather earing just on the right ear. And because its a Cosmo Bash, everyone needs to look sexy that night-- so i decided to show off some skin by wearing a sheer off shoulder top from Banana Republic. I top it with a lighter color neck Accessories to add flavor. To make it just simple i matched my top with a Denim shorts. To make the color consistent, i wear a Fringe Boots (one of my fave), i bought it in a Thrift store somewhere in Alabang. The Fringe matches the head wrap & feathers  :) that makes it more like a Bohemian, really :)  And oh i added some Big rings with some dashed of Gold, Silver & Black. And lastly, just to make my look not sooo BROWNish-- i matched my outfit with this Bag from ALDO. 

Meet my Fashion Baby Anfriel :) 
 The guy wearing white is the one im telling you guys, he is Francis-- Thanks for the VIP tickz He actually work at SUMMIT MEDIA (that explains it why we have VIP tickz). The other guy is his friend.

Just to show you what this show is all about. Here are some of it.
Enrique Gil
 Paolo Avelino
 Jake Cuenca

There you have it. Just to show you what happened last 2011 :) 

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