Saturday, June 1, 2013

BU5 Day2


Who would hate the colour combination of Pink & Black? I totally love it! 
The colour combination perfectly jives! I bought that Pink Sheer top from my Mom’s friend :) No Regrets! The Pink Killer Heels was given by Meiz  :) It was a pasalubong from US.
Others have Wrong impression about Elephant Pants; some think that it would make them look skinny. But the truth is it’s the other way around :) It just depends on how you carry it! I bought it somewhere in Alabang, It was a boutique with lots of pretty stuffs, I just don’t remember the name of the store :(  
watch [MxRe Quartz]


Denim Top [Colours], Sneakers [Converse]
I love denim top. And this one I’m wearing [COLOURS] is one of my fave. I’ve matched it with mint & floral skirt, tights, and shorts. And now I’ve paired it with denim short with a different hue. I tuck it in to show the colour blending. I just love how the colours blend; it’s like an Ombre effect :)