Thursday, April 18, 2013


Heyy everyone! say hello to my Tricolor hair :)  I called it Tricolor
cuz my hair consist of 3 colors & i just love the effect that its making.
BIG SMILE :D Yes!Why? because this is just one of those look that
i really LOVE! I mean i love all styles but this is just so 
UNIQUE & COOL. NOt everyone would wear something like this, well 
im talking about those who don't really experiment & just sticking
on the ordinary. Well actually those things that we really least expected
or let's just say the things that we think are bad will actually
look good & better.
"iFringeYou" because of my fave Fringe top. We can actually matched
it with anything-- cut offs, tights, jeans and anything! What i did
is i used it as a cover on, was wearing a black tube dress (which is
reversable). To make it more cool i matched it with my fave suede hi-cut
shoes from The Ramp,Crossings.what i really love about this shoes
is that it can actually make your legs look a lil'longer, i was
doubting at first because it might make my legs look shorter. Well,
the secret is-- everyone would think that its flat but it is actually 
a wedge.

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