Thursday, April 25, 2013

i call it BOACHELLA!

Loose Printed Top * Fringe Boots * Sunnies

A lil'touch of Boho & Coachella style.Ombre love.Fringe Booties.Sun & my Ombre Hair.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It was a LACEY afternoon

strapy -Rusty Lopez
watch- TechnoMarine
bag- Access

A lil'too Casual

My Favorite Yelloweee from XOXO
Hello Loveys! What do you think of my look? :) Well, i wasn't expecting on the output, i just put it in together without even thinking, but i guess i did pretty good right? I mean the color was just fine. 
Beige - Top, Print of my Skirt, Flats, Neck piece
Black- Wrap around Skirt, Suede Flats
Flower thing'- Print of Skirt, Flats

Post from the Past

Sexy Back in Stipes
Let's go Hippy
Touch of Bohemian

Mother Nature

#Green #Nature #Flowy #Sunshine #FloralHairDress #Feathers #Grass #Goddess


Hey loveys! April is about to end but it doesn't mean that Summer is over! take note, we still have another month to celebrate our Summer season. 
SUMMER! Ladies rushing to their favorite stores to buy Summer dresses. Mostly prefer light colors like pink, yellow & white.  But is it necessary? i mean we can wear darker color as well. Its on how we carry it, right? There are colors with darker hue but with great prints, like this one im wearing. Its a tube top, flowy & very light sun dress. The print has a touch of summer &  royalty. I really love the combination of Red & Brown.  
Brown Braid Belt
Peacock Earings
Beaded Bracelets (imade)
To make it more summerly' i added beads & brown strappy with colored beads that would really matched my outfit :) The twist is my Big Brown Bag that i really Love :) 


Peace & Love y'all! :) So this look is a combination of Hip & Swag. 
 Watch -TechnoMarine
Kicks- NIKE
Top- Art Work
My top is a large shirt from ART WORK. I was keeping this for a very long time. I was actually planning to make it a crop top,  but before cutting the whole shirt, i wore & took picture of it first because i really love unique cuts. The tail thingy' is just so fashy! it looks like a cape as well. Its like a "super hero" promoting peace like what's printed on the shirt! :)


Say hi to one of my experiments combining Pastel, Neons & Spikes. This get up looks rebellious with a twist of sweet neons & girly touch of pastel. I think i did a great job right? :)
To start of, My Mint green skirt from Cinderella is actually a hi-waisted maxi skirt. I don't know what came into me & bought it to a tailor shop & have it cut :)  but its okay, im happy with the output anyway. I love KOI, so what i did is to make it look like that (haha) i matched my minty skirt with a pastel bikini top. To make it look rebellious i cover it up with one of my favorite vest from True Religion. If you can see i have silver details on my vest, so what i did is to matched it with silver spikes :) to make 
it look more edgy i added black spikes. 
To make my get up look lively, i added neon colors :) I combined neon spikes with silver & black. Neon orange headband spikes is just perfect for the combination that i wanted to achieve. And lastly would be my Neon orange full wedge, i bought it in a Korean store somewhere :)