Friday, March 22, 2013

Its just soo Sweet!

This is one of my Summerly'look. I just wanted to look sweet so i decided to wear pink & beige. I bought this pink top from my mom's friend, She sells pretty stuffs. I matched my top with this high-waist shorts. I just love the color, it's so refreshing, sweet & girly, don't you think? So i feel like wearing heels that day & i decided to wear this peep-toe with shoe laced heels, i bought it from The Ramp Crossings. You know what i love about this store-- is that they offer different unique stuffs & I just love almost every piece that they have. My shorts & shoes does have the same hue, but the shoes were a bit darker. For the accessories, I used beads & cuffs and these lil'thingy' on my ear to just jive with my outfit. Does have the same color & its bright and lovely :) 

My Top Picks for Summer (Nudo Swimwear)

Heyy dear Readers! I just wanna share my top picks for this Brand NUDO Swimwear. I actually saw their pieces on facebook and i actually liked it :) Well, if you are looking for the perfect fit for this Summer, i suggest you to grab one of these:) I would love to wear all of these :) 
You can check out their site by clicking these links:

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dare to Rawr

Dare to Rawr

Peplum top

A l c

Versace necklace

Hervé van der straeten

River Island bracelet ring
$12 -


$9.16 -


Meet my very good friend Jeanne. This was in Embarcadero de Legazpi, we just went there to inquire something. Amie one of my good friends was also here but she hates pictures. Lol. I am so glad that I wore this sheer dress because it's windy :D I love the wind effect. 

Summer is not just about Bright Colors

Yay! I guess 2 or 3 more and I am uploading my late posts. I do apologize for that because I was so busy when i was in Naga & i don't have my loppy there, all I have in connection is my iPad :)  So here is just one of my early Summer look when i was in Naga :) Well, Summer doesn't only mean that we should wear something colorful :) My tube dress that i bought in Greenhills had darker prints but it doesn't matter because those prints were Summerly, right? :) I matched my dress with accessories that would jive with the colors. Hope you like it :) LOve Love <3

Black Star x Red

What do you think? I like this look :) I bought this Black Star (i call it Black Star, HAHA) because its oversized, it has 2 big pockets, had hoodies & i like the Star :) I can use it as a sweater or a dress like what i did here. I matched it with Red because i just feel that it would really jive. The Red headband with Studs was bought at F2M.