Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mi Amor

Heyy my dear readers! i want you to meet my ONE & ONLY LOVE. He is not just a boyfriend, he is my best friend, teacher, chef, nanny and fashion buddy as well. There is sooo much to say about this guy, i mean HE is the BEST son,brother,friend that everybody would want to have. He had done so much for me. He loves me unconditionally, he takes good care of me, helps & supports me in everything, his understanding, very patient, family oriented & true son of God. What more can i ask for. Weve been through a lot, we learned & still we were standing & staying much more stronger than ever. Even we were miles apart, we still owns each others heart. He is my inspirations. Now & Forever.
I also wanna share to you some of his looks that i really love :) Hope u like it :)

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