Monday, March 18, 2013


Hi dear readers! So, a lot of people were telling me that i look like a Korean :) Well i actually appreciate and love Korea :) I haven't gotten there, But i love their movies, music, culture, foods & the place itself. I also appreciate Korean artist :) i even love watching koreanovelas :) and anime as well. One thing that i really wanna try is Korean Fashion, I mean its experimental, colorful & edgy! :) They are not afraid to put all the colors in one outfit & its really nice. I also love how they experiment & could wear anything while walking in the streets of Korea. So here is just one of my Korean student look :) HAHA. Like with my usual KSL get up ( plaid skirt, neckties, blazer, vest, knee-hi sock ), I used white plain long sleeves & a bow tie :) I matched it with this hi-waist mint green skirt from Cinderella :) It is actually a maxi skirt but i cut it. And to look more sporty in this outfit, i used these sneakers from Converse.

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