Monday, March 18, 2013

Sky wants to play with colors

The Sky is beyond my reach :) I took this photo using a phone. I want to apologize for the not soo good quality of my photos, i was just using phone & ipad for it. And soon im gonna be getting my own dslr to give you guys much more magnificent photos. 
So its pretty hot so i wanted to wear comfy clothes. I decided to just wear this top matched with this printed thingy', i just love the print, don't you think? plus i love the cloth, its comfy & flowy as well :) And its covering my legs from the heat of the sun so i won't be getting dark. HAHA. Well, i added this braided belt that i got from Y.R.Y.S. to separate the colors :) and borrowed this cute sandals from my mom, i dont know but i love the cut. 

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