Monday, March 18, 2013


Hey Guys! i was using an application from my iPad in taking these pictures. I'm sorry for the poor quality, but soon i will be sharing you guys more fab photos :) Okay, i named this Post as T.R.a.S.H because of my faded pink top, it's a gift from my cousin, i think she bought it in a thrift shop, i love it because its fade and i like the prints, its like a DIY because the print was kind handmade, the paint was scattered (in a good way) its too artsy! I matched it with this Jeans from No Apologies, i bought it because i love the color :) I love the output when pink is matched with brown, so i used this shoe that i bought, I love the color :) And it looks like a lita. HAHA. I matched my outfit with this bag from my mom, its a Liz Claiborne. We are on our way to COL, it's way too cold there so i needed to bring something that would cover me up, so i decided to just bring this one from Red Girl. I added accessories that i bought from F2M.

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