Thursday, March 21, 2013

Showing off that straight hair!

Hey Guys! This is just one of my looks when I was in Naga. It was late but still, I wanted to upload & share it with you guys. A day before this I was in Legazpi to get my hair fixed. LOL. I got it rebonded & cellophane at Encarnacion group of Salon. I actually wanna prepare my hair for my next project :) It was actually my plan way long ago, I think that was Feb of last year, I wanted it OMBRE! BUT it was so DRY and kinda short, so I waited for this long just to prepare my hair for it. So this is the first stop. So check out my OMBRE hair very soon. BUT i have a lil'problem, I don't know if Salons here in Bicol really know how to do it, I mean I wanted it to be perfect just the way I like & imagined it! Because ive done lots of Experiments in my hair a lot of times already! There is a salon in manila for Ombre but I can't go there now because imma bit busy here. So what do you suggest?? Am also thinking to Ombre my hair myself :) Watcha think? I've Ombre some jeans & vest before, why not try it in my hair? HAHA. Well, ive watched several DIY ombre videos & I it was kinda easy, because ive been dying my hair before. Oh well, you better watch out for that. But for now lemme just share you some of my photos. I promised you guys that i'll be uploading new sets of updated photos after my birthday :) love love :)

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