Sunday, March 17, 2013

DIY Ombre Vest

Hey Everyone! This is just one of my DIY stuffs. And because I'm so in love with OMBRE, I decided to do Ombre today :) I found this Denim Jacket in my closet. I'm not actually using this one so I decided to do some experiments. Its Levis
It's actually pretty easy. What I did first is to just cut the sleeves because I wanted to turn it into a vest. After cutting it, I shred the linings. I wanted it to look cool & shreddy. After that I pour a Lil' amount of water into this thingy' and added bleach. After putting the bleach, I dip the lower part of the vest & waited for it to fade. Just be sure that the bleach was distributed on both sides equally. Then when you're satisfied with the color, rinse it and there you go. Your Do-It-Yourself Ombre Vest :)

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